West Cape Howe WinesVintage Description: Deep golden amber, sultanas and boiled fruit cake. A palate of brandy snaps and boiled fruit cake its like Christmas in a bottle.
Winemaking Information:Majority of material is 8 years old and sourced from the Swan Valley floor and Bindoon (only one patch of Muscat remains in the swan, mostly replaced with other varities). Very ripe fruit fermented to 100 Be. Spirit (SVR) is then added which kills the yeast and stops fer-mentation. Spirit increases the alcohol to the desired level. Stored in old barrels to allow evaporation in warm conditions which helps to evaporate any water and concentrate the flavours
Fruit Source:Swan Valley and Bindoon
Blend:Muscat Gordo Blanco
Colour:Deep golden amber with a light to mid tan hue.
Aroma:Sultanas and boiled fruit cake with a lovely liquor brandy - hints of mocca coffee/brown sugar characteristics.
Palate:Rich, round palate of brandy snaps and boiled fruit cake, creamy smooth texture with a lovely warm finish.
Cellar Potential:8 years +
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